Vintage Unknown Lure

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Vintage Unknown Fishing Lure Lot

Vintage Unknown Fishing Lure Lot


3  Old Vintage Antique Unknown Fishing Lure

3 Old Vintage Antique Unknown Fishing Lure





 Lot 11 Lures  Vintage Lures Unknown Makers

Lot 11 Lures Vintage Lures Unknown Makers


4  Old Vintage Antique Unknown Shrimp Type Fishing Lure

4 Old Vintage Antique Unknown Shrimp Type Fishing Lure


6  Old Vintage Antique Unknown Frog Spotted Fishing Lure

6 Old Vintage Antique Unknown Frog Spotted Fishing Lure


Unmarked Unknown Vintage Feather Fishing Lure Bait Tackle  14

Unmarked Unknown Vintage Feather Fishing Lure Bait Tackle 14





11  Old Vintage Antique Unknown Fishing Lure

11 Old Vintage Antique Unknown Fishing Lure





13  Old Vintage Antique Unknown 3 Hook Minnow Fishing Lure

13 Old Vintage Antique Unknown 3 Hook Minnow Fishing Lure


 Really Nice Old Vintage Antique Unknown Fishing Lure Jim Pfeffer

Really Nice Old Vintage Antique Unknown Fishing Lure Jim Pfeffer





Vintage metal spinner fishing tackle lure  Unknown maker

Vintage metal spinner fishing tackle lure Unknown maker





Lot of 2 Unknown Vintage 1  Fly Rod Lures Crankbait Lure Fishing   Used

Lot of 2 Unknown Vintage 1 Fly Rod Lures Crankbait Lure Fishing Used











Vintage Unknown Lure

Vintage Unknown Lure


Vintage Unknown Lure

Vintage Unknown Lure


Vintage Unknown 3 Hook Minnow Antique Fishing Lure

Vintage Unknown 3 Hook Minnow Antique Fishing Lure





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